Sunday, July 31, 2011

Andrej Flower

This Andrej photo is one of my favourites all times! Its so raw and pure...WOOW...Love it!
Edited by me!

Dear Daphne

Daphne Groeneveld is problably my favourite model (Coco Rocha is my fav one but shes too established) and so I had to give to the super alian, super sweet, fierce and glamorous girl!!
I slightly edited this stuning photo from her editorial in Numero Magazine, and yes a have a (BIG) crush for her!!

I love it!

Well, I have to say that this stuning jersey from the last Alexander Wang menswear. I have to say I love it and  if I could I would buy it...the problem is that I´m too fucking young to buy online and so I have to stay with my Hilfiger shirts!! SHAME!!

My First Post

Let´s face it, fashion blogs are the most banal thing in the world but guess, the fashion world dont have the same visibility as in the 90´s, and thats it you know. All together we will change it, but now let´s talk a little more about me (super eco-centric loves the "me myself and I" thing lol).

I´m João Martinho, I´m 14 years old and I´m from Portugal, and yes wtf Portugal, I know New York and Paris is 100 times better but at least I have a VOGUE in my country (?). Straight, loves Miuccia Prada and Riccardo Tisci and wants this (NOW!).

So what you bitches want to know about me, i guess nothing...I´m not that interesting!!