Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Between the Neon

This photo from BCBG MAX AZRIA campaign looks so good. Its problably (with McQueen) my favourite image from this season. The neon yellow dress, the purple hair and the dark tons of the photos make me love this so much. Really good!

Balti Balti

Bianca Balti looking stuning on the new Vogue Italia issue. For the first time she looks italian and everything looks so right. Im still expectiong for the main editorial but this one looks so so good!

I want it! I need it! Give me now!

This Balmain jeans are on the top of my wish list...they should be really expensive (as everything from Balmain is) but I still want them! GIVE ME NOW!


Its so bad! I dont have friends least frends in the fashion spot cause you know, you need to be invite! I want to cry but I already send my apply on the waiting list but I problably won´t get there! It would be a dream actualy cause Its almost just the bests that come (talking about the ones that enter the site via waiting list) and if I would come in I would actualy be really proud of my self.

Pretty New

I love this girl so much....Sui He has the Ralph Lauren campaign between other great jobs. I just hope I can hear a lot more from this stuning girl! My second favourite asian model after Fei Fei Sun!

I have no Reckless

Pretty Reckless are my favourite band ever. Taylor is the hotest and best dressed girl in the world! So now FUCK YOU!
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