Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Because of the last (amazing) menswear Givenchy show where the models had their legs I said to my self "Why not?" so today after working out I shave my legs, its not the first time I do it but I completely forgot about it by a months so I need an exelent show to make my day! :)


This is an old one but dont they do a cute couple? Arizona Muse and Freja Beha are apparently together. Freja, that already dated with Cathrine McNeil, Irina Lazareanu and Abbey Lee (?) is now with the rising star Arizona Muse that has a cute sun! So happy for them!

Vogue Italia August 2011 REVIEW

Versatile is something that you can really call to Raquel Zimmermann looking outstanding in this shot. This cover has some high and some lows. From highs we have the exelent model choice, the colors and the font. Onthe other hand we have a too photoshoped cover with a strange wig and a odd make up. Overall it is an interesting cover and I´m really exited to see the editorial!
I give to this cover a 3.9/5.

French Class

Aymeline Valade on Rush Magazine. Shes one of my favourite girls from this season and I dont know, but when I look her the word "Chic" and "Paris" come in my my mind!! One To Watch!
Edited by me!

God Save McQueen

This was the adverticement that I was lookinf for. Strong, rebel and magic. Raquel Zimmermann by David Sims. McQueen campaign is a dream!

Your Fucking Too Young

Yes, I´m 14 and I smoke and wtf? Everyone does it...I actualy dont smoke that much, a packet of cigarettes get me for two wees and sometimes more (Im not adicted)  but I dont see the problem...if I want to dye let me do it (slowly)!
Everything started last school year (I was just 13), I went to a study trip and brought with me a Vodka bottle we went with another class to the trip and they all smoke (Im serious) so I gave them some Vodka and they give me  Rita´s cigarettes (now we are friends and smoke together) and so we went smoke just a few of us and everything started there.
I swear Im not doing this cause the models do it....but one thing is certain smoke makes me with no hunger!!
Photos by me!