Monday, August 1, 2011

OH MY LORD! Miss Daphne on the cover of LOVE Magazine (issue #6) she looks out standing and I´m so exited to buy this magazine! In the cover we still have other Givenchy muses like Mariacarla (obviously), Lara, Kristen (?) and Nyasha that couple together with the already anounced cover girls Hailee Streinfeld, Cloe Moretz and Elle Fanning (my personal fav after Daphne´s cover).

Just end up to buy my vintage Ray Ban sun glaces...they are so cool and I wanted them like for two months but only now I could afford them. T.G.I.M.!!
Photos by me!

Pink Lipstick

This cover is one of my favourite Vogue Australia cover ever. Its so real and exiting! I love it!
Its the comeback of one of my personal fves Katie Fogarty that faded this year...thanks God shes back!! Gonna buy it!!

The Other Walker

Alexander McQueen platform heels are so captivating...I would pay just to see them (I wouldn´t wear them obviously) . It has that sadomasuquism thing of the colection but on th same time it as that romantic vibes!
Edited by moi!!

Guns n´Roses

This is the first photography I take for the blog. I love photography and so I just want, with them, portray me annd wat I feel in the day I´m doing it!

In this photo you can see my perfum (Le Male - Summer Edition), my vintage camera and some of my draws...the rest is pretty ranom objects that fits good in the way the photo is.

Smoking Hot

The smoking is back and not in the regular shape. In this season we can see how the smoking adapted to the feminine side being transformed as a dress (Miu Miu) or even funnier draw in the coat (YSL). I love the waty the smoking is used this season and how the feminine breakout with the masculine icon.

The New Way

I think its quite cool the way that Miuccia Prada positioned the bags this winter season.I recently read on ELLE UK that it would be one of the greatest trends this winter and hell yes it looks super chic!