Monday, August 8, 2011

Blogger or Tumblr?

A year ago, I think, I made my own blog. A really simple thing where I was hoping to be the next great blogger (FAIL!) but post after post I was so bored that I decided to close it! In a months ago I made my own tumblr...I really liked it but some weeks ago I was like "Man tis is just for photos and I love to write and so I was like fuck it up...lets do a new blog" and here am I...I dont know I think Tumblr is easier but if you like to write, like me, the only option is blogger cause no one cares about what are you writing on tumblr.


Blogger - 8.5/10
Tumblr - 8/10

Sorry to the tumblr fans!

P.S.: The only thing I think tumblr is much much better is because you can upload gifs and here you cant :(

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